Thursday, February 2, 2012

over due

I have been horrible at updating our blog. I just haven't been taking my camera with me a bunch of places and nothing too exciting has been going on.

We have a new calling in church. We teach the sunbeams together and we love it. The kids are hilarious and its fun teaching together again.

Nathan has started church ball. They play every Thursday night. Umm... I would not be the only person to say that their team is not very good. They haven't won one game, its pretty funny. So hopefully tonight they will not lose by more than 20.

Last night we finally cut off all of Nathan's curls. I almost shed a tear. It was just starting to look a little too crazy, more like an afro. 


  1. dev is playing church ball too! and i like nathans new hair cut.

  2. thanks becca! it was def needed. wish we could cheer on our boys together. Alisa we are in Louisville 1st ward. What ward are you in?

  3. We're in Louisville 2. I just wondered because the picture is in the Louisville stake center!