Sunday, June 13, 2010

high adventure

this weekend me and nathan were over high adventure and took all the girls camping and boating. i love summertime and hanging out on the lake. i had my first experience of being drugged up and not knowing whats going on. i meant to take a motion sickness pill but i accidentally took a sleeping pill. long story short, i do not remember that night at all except for the part of me puking. after high adventure we rushed home to go to our good friend krista

Saturday, June 5, 2010

birthday fun

i love saturdays. i was able to sleep in, and clean our whole apartment. today we went to my brothers to celebrate our nephew caden's birthday. my brother bought this huge waterslide blowup thingy for the kids last summer so we got that out and had a blast. nathan, my brother, and peter probably had more fun than the kids. they were wrestling, having water balloon fights, and rocking the waterslide to scare the kiddos and wrestle with them too. i was able to spend time with my grams, which if you read my blog you know how much i love her. we did have a scare though. nathan lost his wedding ring and after an hour we finally found it. i was also able to have a good chat with one of my good friends from college becca. always nice to chat it up with a friend you miss.
nathan getting smacked with a water balloon
tamara is so crafty and everything she does is so cute.
this is the group of scared kids. they just sat like this looking so scared while the boys were messing with everyone

love this boy so much. he is too good to me. i feel so blessed to be able to be married in the temple for eternity. i couldnt imagine spending my life with anyone else. i couldn't laugh with anyone else as much as i do with him.


last night we went to olive garden and to the movies with victoria and peter. we work with peter and i used to hang out with victoria when i was younger. we made the guys watch letters to juliet with us. slowest movie ever, would definently never watch it again. we were dying by the end of the movie because we were so bored. next time we will let the boys pick the movie.
love his blue eyes
picture of the cute couple
yummiest dessert

since we got our new car we are stuck listening to the radio. they the same songs over and over and over, includig this one. i dont even like it and i know all the words.

Friday, June 4, 2010

good food, good run

Yesterday me and nathan went running together at a park by our house. i love running with him because its such good motivation, we are always trying to beat eachother. as you can tell he was not excited to go running ha.

sorry about the sideways picture, but this chicken recipe is SO good and SO easy. we loved it. will definently go in our cookbook for one of our favorite dinners.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

just recieved a cute email from my husband. love little suprises like this.