Thursday, May 26, 2011


we were able to go to cancun this year with my parents. when me and nathan went on our honeymoon we were so exhausted from all the wedding planning we didn't do anything fun. so this time we made sure to actually do something. we went swimming with the dolphins, we visited the mayan ruins, snorkled, and got tons of massages. the resorts down there are really hurting because everyone is too scared to go to mexico with what the media is saying. so to get people down there we each got $1500 dollars to put towards anything we wanted to do. so everything was free. the customer service was wonderful and we had a blast. 

storm party

so im sure everyone knows about the horrible storms that have been hitting. well, we were supposed to get really bad ones here last night so we went to my brothers house so we would have a basement to go to. well, nothing happened (like always). prayers go out to the ones that have been effected with these horrible storms.

the boys outside filming it

we got bored so started taking pictures of funny faces..

 don't you love nathans rain coat? haha

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

my husband is reading?

nathan is not a reader! however, i have started reading the hunger games series and somehow i convinced nathan to read them with me. lets just say he is more obsessed than i am. he won't stop reading or talking about it. for example, i was laying down on the couch watching tv and he comes in, lays next to me, turns my show on pause and says, "can we please talk about the books." what a crack up.

p.s. blog post on cancun to come.

Friday, May 13, 2011

happy birthday jill

tomorrow is my sister jill's birthday so all us girls went over to her house for breakfast this morning to celebrate. jill has taken the role of my 2nd mom in many instances in my life. i am so grateful for her!

the birthday girl. doesnt she look great? doesnt look like a mother of 7!

i love this picture of caleb sitting and talking with grandma minnie

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

new camera

if you know me, i have gone through probably a handful of cameras in the past years. somehow i always manage to break them, or they break themselves. today we finally bought a new camera. we have been using my moms old one which doesn't have good picture quality at all. we really wanted to get a new one before we leave for cancun this week. i am wayy excited! hopefully nathan will let me touch it and trust me not to break it.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


every year in kentucky we have the biggest horse race in the country, which is called the Derby. the day before the derby they have a pre-race day which is called the oaks. they have horse races all day and everyone dresses up. i have been born and raised in kentucky and have never been to churchhill downs. my friends dad had box tickets and invited us to come. his parents SPOILED us all day. they payed for our lunch, took us out to eat to the nicest restaurant in louisville, paid for us to go on a carriage ride around louisville, and let us take pictures with their bentley. they even invited us to stay in their cottage house in hawaii anytime we wanted. we had such a fun day.thanks to alex and hannah for inviting us!

thank you dr. and mrs. baker for everything!

Monday, May 2, 2011

happy bday grams

happy 93rd birthday grams!

we love you so much and dread every year you get older.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

first time cook

this here deserves a blog post.

my husband is NOT a cook at all. he would live off grilled cheese every day if he had to. today we experienced a miracle. nathan cooked a meal! he made chicken alfredo. it wasn't even the kind in the box you just have to heat up. he made it from scratch.
i feel like it was my first kid going to kindergarten haha

love you nathan! thanks for the delicious meal!