Sunday, December 27, 2009


so funny......we are in dallas right now visiting nathans family and we came across some old pictures from when we were 16. just had to post them. looking back on these pictures i can't get over how young we were when we fell in love.

Friday, December 25, 2009

a week of firsts

this week has had tons of firsts for us. We moved into our first apartment, we have had our first christmas being married, and even had our first home cooked meal that i cooked that was delicious ha.

this year we just got eachother matching north face jackets. we love them.

my mom used to make this meal all the time growing up. pork chops, rice and brocolli. I had been craving it latly so this was our first home cooked meal together.
A lot of my family is spread out this Christmas and they have been wanting to see pictures of our new apartment. so here is a little sneek peak. we LOVE having our new place. we feel so blessed and grateful.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

lucky i'm in love with my best friend

Our hearts have been so full latly of how blessed we are. We are so lucky to have eachother and to start our lives. We LOVE being married. We waited long enough.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

cancun lovin

For our Honeymoon we went to Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico. We seriously could not have asked for a better honeymoon. everything in this place was free. free food, free shows, free drinks, free room service, free trips to water parks, free tours, free manicures and pedicures, and free mssages. thank you mom and dad for our wonderful honeymoon.

funny...nathan has loved using his spanish down here. a lot of the times he will start speaking spanish and the latinos will be like, "wow you have good spanish, did your wife teach you?" people think im latino down here. glad i get the credit for my husbands spanish ha

Friday, December 4, 2009

8 more days. Couldn't be happier.


This week has been crazy babysitting 6 kids everyday but its been alot of fun too. Jayme has been cooking every night and I have learned that my future wife is an amazing cook and that I am not going to starve to death. Everyday is like a repeat cleaning, cooking and cleaning some more but were having a blast doing it with the Neal kids.

p.s. We have been trying to agree on a blog song for the past half hour. Nathan thinks John Mayer is to boring and doesnt portray our relationship. He says we are to crazy and upbeat for John Mayer, which I agree. I love John Mayer though. enjoyyyy.