Thursday, December 13, 2012

3 Years

Happy 3 years (yesterday) to Nathan!
I could not have married a more giving, sensitive, caring, funny, and selfless person.
I am so grateful for him and our marriage. I feel so lucky to be so happy in a marriage where we never get sick of each other or run out of things to talk or laugh about. Our marriage is one of the most proudest things I have in my life. 

Alright, I am done with the "gushy bushy" (as Nathan calls it) stuff.

Yesterday I was pretty lame and was totally fine not doing anything and waiting until the weekend to go out to eat. Plus I have been feeling really cheap lately and not wanting to spend money. Nathan picked me up from work and insisted that we do something. It was really bothering him. Not because it was our anniversary and he just loved me so much. It was because it was 12/12/12. We HAD to go do something because this would never happen again. The date.

So to make sure he didn't lose sleep that night, we ended up going to the Melting Pot for desert. We have always wanted to go so we thought we would try it out. It was actually very good.

Happy Anniversary Nathan!  I love you more than life!