Friday, December 25, 2009

a week of firsts

this week has had tons of firsts for us. We moved into our first apartment, we have had our first christmas being married, and even had our first home cooked meal that i cooked that was delicious ha.

this year we just got eachother matching north face jackets. we love them.

my mom used to make this meal all the time growing up. pork chops, rice and brocolli. I had been craving it latly so this was our first home cooked meal together.
A lot of my family is spread out this Christmas and they have been wanting to see pictures of our new apartment. so here is a little sneek peak. we LOVE having our new place. we feel so blessed and grateful.


  1. CUTE!!! Are you coming back to Rexburg!? Where is your apartment???

  2. Hey the table fits, yay! Your apartment looks great! and the sign you bought at Brown County looks good on the wall. I want to get together soon, when Zane's family leaves. Madison said Hi!