Monday, February 13, 2012

Lazy Sunday

If you know me, you know that I am a clean freak. I can never relax if I know the house is a mess or there are dishes in the sink. Our apartment isn't very big so its easy to clean but then again it gets messy again so fast. Yesterday, I was so tired it didn't phase me how dirty our apartment was. Me and Nathan got home from my sisters house and literally laid in bed the whole day watching movies. We didn't clean or pick up after ourselves. It was actually kind of fun. Everyone talks about "I can't wait to lay in bed all day with my husband when I get married." We have never done that, we are always busy doing something. 

It was so refreshing to just hang out and lay in bed all day, not worrying about how messy our apartment was. I have a feeling it will be a memory we will always have. 

However, I will be making up for it today. I will be doing dishes (it may not look a lot in this picture but there are more than that!), putting away laundry and picking up. Totally worth it though, and I am sure Nathan loved having a day of not picking up after ourselves.

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