Saturday, October 2, 2010


"Love is actually spelt T-I-M-E"
This quote really stuck out to me today in General Conference. No matter how busy our lives may be we should always try and spend time with our family. i am so grateful for my family and love them so much. i always try to take a little time to make sure i get to spend as much time with them as possible. we are always sad we dont get to see nathans side of the family as much but we are so excited to go down there for christmas.
if you read my blog you know how much i love my grandma. she was in the hospital but all is well. she is 93 and doing better than ever. her biggest complaint was she had just gotten her all done and curled and when she went to the hospital they ruined it by putting gel all over it to do tests on her brain. i literally probably tear up once a month just thinking about the time she will be taken from us. luckily nathan doesnt think im crazy, hes had to comfort me a lot because of this ha.
we had my two nephews over to spend the night and we had so much fun with them. they are watching a movie in our bed to fall asleep to.
sarah was sad because she couldnt sit next to her brothers in church so nathan cheered her up playing thumb wars

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