Saturday, October 2, 2010

much needed update

 i have been such a bad blogger lately. we have done so many fun things but because i break every camera i own i can't take any pictures. we have had fun going to old high school football games, taking a road trip to the outlet malls with friends, went to a friend wedding, spending time with family and just enjoying being married. the only time i update my blog is usually when we babysit because i have access to a camera. right now we are babysitting for the week. nathan has actually been with the little ones most of the time because he has fall break and doesn't have to go to school. i came home friday with the whole house clean, kids up from naps and fed, and he was sewing a button on his shirt. i told him he cant be spending much time at home anymore haha. he has been such a trooper, he is really going to be such an awesome, hands on dad which i am so grateful for. here are some pictures of our crazy week so far.

today we woke up at 6:30 to take our two nieces to their cross country meet.
i wanted to get pictures of amalie to but we put my purse away in the car so i didnt have my camera.
this sums this morning up.
im not gonna lie, i was a little grumpy and worn out so leave it to my husband to do something funny to get me out of my grumpy mood.
baylie wanted us to take her and her friend to field of screams (a haunted house) and we told her we would only take her if we went like this. she must really love us because she didnt care.

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