Tuesday, October 26, 2010

goal setting

do you ever feel like life gets so busy you forget to make time for the things that really matter? me and nathan have been so busy with work and school and have let it take over our lives. yesterday for family home evening we made goals of things to help make our life more healthy. here are just a few of the goals we set:

go running together as a couple
set aside 20 minutes daily for personal spiritual study time.
nathan gave up video games and i gave up soda (we will see how long this one lasts haha)
have morning prayer

these are just a few things we set goals for. we just want to make sure we are doing these things everyday and not just when we have time.

what are some goals you could set to have a more healthy lifestyle?

i am making my first roast tonight with mashed potatoes, which i have to brag, my mashed potatoes are the best. ill keep you posted on how it turns out

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