Sunday, July 11, 2010


this weekend me and nathan decided to go out and spend time with just us. i have been wanting to go to the zoo for a long time so he took me. im like a little kid when i go, i love seeing all the animals. next time we will have to go at a different time because i think we went during nap time because a lot of the animals were sleeping. our favorites were the lions, giraffes,gorillas and the Orangutan. Oh, and the zebras and cheetahs. Pretty much everything. i couldnt get pictures of the big animals because i forgot my camera so i couldnt zoom in to get good pictures.
this little guy cracked me up

this is where all the monkeys are
"look babe, your finally home." -nathan
on friday night my parents took us out to eat to this amazing mexican restaurant.
the salsa was so good i filled my self up and couldn't even eat my meal

i love being married.

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