Thursday, July 8, 2010

edward and grams

On Tuesday we took my Grandma to see Eclipse. If you know my Grandma, she LOVES Edward. She had her Team Edward shirt on and kept reminding us that he became a vampire in the same year she was born. We drove her car, which is a volvo, and she was sure to remind us that it was the same car as Edwards. she cracks me up. Nathan kept telling her we were sitting close to the screen so she could kiss edward. she would say, "i dont want to kiss him, i just want to look at him." we love her so much and there is never a dull moment hanging out with her. she is so whitty but SO smart. she does crossword puzzles everyday and reads and continues to educate her self daily. shes amazing. i helped her finish a crossword once with my i phone and she was amazed at what i was using. she wants to get herself one of those now, as she says. i feel so blessed to live so close to her and be able to spend a lot of time with her.
sorry about the scragglines, it was 96 degress outside.

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