Monday, July 5, 2010


i love summer. it has been so fun this summer going to the pool, boating and hanging out with friends. yesterday we were able to spend time with family for 4th of july and today we took my four nephews to the pool. then my sweet husband took me shopping and i found the cutest skinny jeans for 13 dollars with a cute top to go with it. im really getting used to the whole being married, bargain shopping thing. i'll have to post pictures when i wear the outfit.

we also bought our first board game as a married couple. its called settlers of catan and we are obbsessed. every weekend we stay at our friends, brandi and alan's, house playing until at least 3 or 4 in the morning. funny our apartment hasn't been decorated yet and is still pretty plain just because we have been too busy to think about it. so my sister in law and i have been talking about making it cute. at 1:30 in the morning one night brandi and alan were over playing settlers with us and in walks my sister-in-law and victoria with a book shelf and these cute things they bought to make our apt more homey. she started rearranging all our furniture and decorating the place while we just sat at our table finishing our game. it was hilarious. i hope we didnt wake up our neighbors underneath us. we still have a long way to go but theres no rush.
other exciting news. i have been accepted to the university of louisville and am starting school again in the fall. me and nathan have really gone back and forth again on whether i should go or not, but we have had some really cool spiritual experiances and know that its what im supposed to do.

hope your enjoying your summer as much as us.


  1. We love reading about what you all are up to. Wish we could see you more often. Love the apartment decorating!

  2. we absolutely LOVE that game! its so much fun!

  3. I love you and your blog! You live such a perfect, cute life. You are amazing.

  4. ahh thats soo exciting!
    haha ill have to try that came
    u r beautiful