Monday, May 10, 2010


this weekend was so nice. me and nathan have been running around and always busy the last couple weeks so we thought friday we would just come home watch a movie and order chinese. nathan also got really sick this past week and we even ended up taking him to the emergency room but all is well now. i even came home from work one of those days and he had cleaned the whole apartment while he was sick. i was quite impressed and grateful.

Last sunday I gave my first "adult" talk in church. For those of you that know me, you know i was SO nervous and freaking out. it went well and no harm done. nathan was sure to mouth "i love you" and mouth encouraging things while i was on the stand to help me feel better. he will give a talk next week and I will be sure to return the love. life is still flowing and we are just excited that its summer and can do fun outdoor actitivies. me and nathan helped my brother clean his boat and he built us a new TV stand. we love it! it looks like its from IKEA. he is quite talented.

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