Thursday, January 5, 2012


The last four months were crazy and so busy. This year we decided to simplify our lives so we can focus on the things that matter most. Nathan is only going to school part time, I am just working my regular job and I'm not babysitting anymore. So far I love it. We have time to take care of ourselves and focus on the important things. We have been going to the gym together, taking our vitamins, staying organized and getting things done, reading our scriptures together and individually, and cooking dinner together.  

It is so easy to fill up every second of every day. I can't explain the feeling and happiness that has come with simplifying our lives. It has made such a difference just slowing down and recouping from everything. I hope we can keep it up!


  1. all the best for ur assignmet .. hope u both do evythng u want to .. m new to this blog and i found this post .. believe me I am also trying hard to simplify .. tc ..

  2. alisa i loved these pics of urs .. fantaastic ..