Tuesday, August 3, 2010

bday fun

22 now. my boy is growing up so fast. by the way, he thought this was the cheesiest picture but i made him take it ha.
i got him the new football video game and some new shoes. i was bummed i had to work on his birthday but im sure he enjoyed staying home all day playing his new game.

out of all the gifts this card was my favorite haha

we went out to eat and to a movie with our friends courtney and mason. we also went some apartment shopping and nathan let me buy a cute vase. they are moving into our apartment complex and we are way excited.

had to give him some birthday kisses.
i love you nathan and hope you had a fun birthday even though you hate getting old.

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  1. It is great to be able to view your wonderful bog when I am missing you guys --- I am over here in India right now, and reading your blog has made my day!!! Nate did have a great Birthday -- and I am so happy for the love you two have...
    Love DAD