Sunday, August 18, 2013


Me and Nathan both have birthdays in August so it's pretty fun. I know, I'm horrible for not doing a Nathan birthday post. We had just gotten back from the beach and we were tired and just went out to dinner and didn't take any pictures. This year we are putting our birthday money together and buying a new couch. We are so excited.

Yesterday was my birthday. I usually have low key birthdays and don't do a whole lot. But, yesterday we actually did stuff all day.

We got up and went to breakfast with my parents and nieces. We went to Wild Eggs which is my fav place of all time. If you know me you probably know my dad has struggled pretty much my whole life. He has never been around really for my birthdays. He has made same major changes in the last 8 months and has done a complete turn around. He is still working on things but the difference is crazy. He has been more involved in all our lives and I have gotten to spend more time with him. But, for him calling me and wanting to go out to breakfast is huge. It was really special to me. I was joking around with him at breakfast saying, "I think this is the first birthday of mine where you have been "alive"." He always jokes around now saying how he is now "alive."

Later on we went to Olive Garden with our good friends and then went mini golfing, and go karting.


  1. Happy, happy Birthday to you! Hope you are doing well. It has been wonderful getting 'life' updates from Nathan recently.

  2. i know! I can't wait for San Diego next year!!

  3. Happy Birthday to you!

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