Saturday, April 21, 2012


I have been such a bad blogger. I can not believe it is already almost May. Time is flying. I have gotten a  new job. It literally happened over night. My old manager text me late one night recruiting me to come work for her. I went in early the next morning to talk to her and get more details about the job and decided that day to take it. I am so excited. The pay is great and the benefits. I am so ready for something new and a challenge. She has a higher position already in mind for me so I am excited to be able to move up and progress.

Nathan is getting ready to finish up this semester. I am so proud of him and the grades he has gotten. Then two weeks later he starts summer school. He will also be running his summer Pressure Washing business so he will be staying busy. He is already getting really booked up and he has literally gotten 100% of all his bids. That rarely happens. We feel so blessed. It feels like things are finally starting to look up.

Well we haven't gone on a planned date for a while and so tonight we went out to Olive Garden. Nathan picked it which is a surprise because I am usually the one always wanting to go there.

I have officially come to terms with that I am the least photogenic person ever. Oh well. Anyways, hopefully I will be better about blogging. 


  1. Congratulations on your new job!! Remember when you'd always have to approve photos Young Women's leaders took? :)

  2. oh stop it! you look cute - i like your skirt!