Tuesday, October 25, 2011

3 weeks

today marks 3 weeks since we lost our molly. we decided to go visit her grave and nathan wanted to leave 3 flowers to represent the 3 week mark. while we were there it seemed like it was yesterday we were at the cemetery for her funeral. but at the same time it feels forever ago. such a surreal feeling.

we were so blessed to have everything paid for. a man we go to church with (and he knows my family from way back. he knew my mom and grandma when they got baptized) owns a funeral home. we didn't have to pay for one thing. he took care of everything; they picked her up from the hospital, dressed her, paid for the casket, set up a whole viewing room for her, and set up the whole funeral. it was such a blessing because being college students there is no way we could afford it.

we have been coping pretty well i would say. i look at pictures of her A LOT. i can't get over how cute she was. we definitely have our moments of sadness but i think those will come for the rest of our lives. i also feel so much joy thinking about her. i'm still so proud to call her my daughter and to talk about her.

we still don't have a stone for her. we are saving up for one. this is my grandpa's stone who she is buried with.

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  1. That looks like a beautiful place. You are a strong lady.