Saturday, April 3, 2010


This weekend is so busy. My sister and brother-in-law and my neices and nephews came in town this weekend and with Easter and General Conference its non stop! But we love it. Last night we had my three nephews spend the night with us. We watched Blindside and they woke up and played video games all this morning. It was so much fun to have them over.

We made waffles with our awesome waffle maker we got as a wedding gift.

the boys playing video games. Excuse the mess, we hadn't cleaned up their beds yet.

Jack watching TV

I had to post this picture because I was getting on Ammon for wearing this because it clearly does not match. Then I remembered, one of the first times I talked to Nathan when we were 15 he was wearing a purple jersey with baby blue basketball shorts. I distinctly remember thinking, "Does he not know that doesn't match?" I was cracking up. I still tease Nathan about that to this day.

I really need to buy a camera. All these were taken with my I phone. Anyway, tonight Nathan is going to Priesthood Session so I am taking my two neices to see Last Song and then over to our house to spend the night.

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