Saturday, November 28, 2009


Thanksgiving was a blast this year. The food was delicious. Me and Nathan ate until we thought we were gonna puke. It was so nice to have all our family together. Each year we play Bingo and get to win prizes. We got our first Christmas decoration for our apartment for one of our prizes. We also picked checkers, and of course Nathan picked tons of gummies. After that my mom and dad took us to see Blind Side the movie. It was sold out so we saw Old Dogs instead and then we saw the later showing of Blind Side right after. That movie is SO good. Its so clean and has such a good message.

This is our Grams. She cracks us up. She happens to be very obsessed with Twilight and even has a Team Edward shirt she wears all the time. Shes 91 but looks and acts like shes 40. The other day we were at her house and her satelitte TV wasn't working and she was getting so frustrated and upset because there was this show about the making of New Moon and she couldn't watch it. So instead, we popped in Twilight and watched it with her. We are so grateful for her and her young spirit.

This is my nephew Zane who is obsessed with Nathan. Nathan is such a good uncle to him and all my neices and nephews. We took him out to eat the other day with us and all of a sudden he tore of a piece of his straw wrapper, stuck it in his straw and starting blowing spit balls at me. I have no idea where he learned that from. I kept saying spit one at Nathan and he said, "No, I like Nathan."

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  1. you 2 already look like parents in that last picture!!!